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I've been playing games since I was three years old and a lot of my early educational skills were learned because of it like reading, memorization, and problem solving. I've always had a competionist mindset and have to destroy every achievement in every game when I get the chance which even led to a 800k gamerscore in the Xbox 360 days. I don't play as many things lately but I'll still complete big titles that come out in a day if they interest me.


My goals with MBG are to have a relaxing with a group of gamers who just want to have fun with no grind or flex. I like being able to unwind at night with music and a casual game session.


My favorite games are rythme based games or jump scare bonanzas. I'm not a huge fan of endless gameplay unless it offers ways to change my playstyle at any moment for a fresh feel. Some notable titles that I can replay any time are Illusion of Gaia, Final Fantasy 8, and Donkey Kong 64. I have a life goal of living in Japan and gain a citizenship with a side goal of becoming a well known gamer.