Adam Seeberger


History of gaming:

"I started with a pretty standard history of gaming.  First console was the NES with Mario and Duck Hunt.  From there it was all downhill. Eventually graduating to the Genesis with Streets of Rage and Sonic.  I didn't really come into my own until the PS1, PS2  and Dreamcast eras where I found a true appreciation for what games could be.  Metal Gear Solid being my standout series.  I switched over to PC in high school with a ton of World of Warcraft and Counter Strike 1.6 in the early 2000's.  I did a long stint with a great group of players on a Mod for Jedi Knight Academy most recently.


Goals for MBG:

" First and foremost, my number one priority is to have fun and meet some like minded people.  We all love games for different reasons, I know mine, I want to know what makes them special for you.  I would love to see MBG grow into a community where we can share, play and discuss what makes us so enamored with games. I also just want a free sweatshirt."


Favorite Games: Metal Gear series


Anything Else: 

"I grew up in Eastern Oregon farm country that I do miss on occasion, however, I am currently based in Portland, Oregon.  My girlfriend and I just bought a house a few years back and love our two cats Harley (Quinn) and Conner (AC3).  I work in IT on phone systems, which is as boring as it sounds"