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Grant Anderson


History of Gaming:  I have been gaming for as long as I can remember.  I have fond memories of playing Pitfall on Atari on the floor of my moms sewing room, although I was blissfully unaware that the game literally never ends.  From there I remember getting our first PC and games like loderunner and Rebel assault just blew my mind.  As I grew up I owned various consoles NES, Sega Genesis (yes over Snes at the time) N64(can’t live without Mario 64 and Ocarina of time),PS1, GameCube, and a personal favorite of mine was the Dreamcast although it marked the end of the Sega console era it was a fantastic system, Xbox and PS2. and although PC took a backseat during the console days the lucas arts games were still in my repertoire, but once I went to college the PC made a comeback in my life playing games like CnC generals, CS and like most people in that time World of Warcraft.  However once I had kids I had less time for games,  but I am looking forward to rediscovering my love of gaming.



Honestly one of my main goals with the company is to establish myself as a gamer even if I am a dad of 3 I can still throw down. I wanna have fun.


Favorite games:

I have too many favorites to list.  But I can say for sure any Legend of Zelda game is in the top 10 lumped in as one.  And the nostalgia of Myst since it was revolutionary. I would love to say MkII, street fighter, or Soul Caliber but where I enjoy playing them I can’t win to save my life.


My only streaming channel will ever be MBG,  although at some point I would like to get my YouTube channel up and running