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Cyberpunk Delayed, Smash Ultimates Next DLC Character and More!

Kept you waiting huh?

It's been a slow few weeks but now that we are halfway through January we've got some new information to cover!

Twitter post by @CDPROJEKTRED showed an image indicating that Cyberpunk will be moved to September AND NOT release in April.

  • Armed with multiple weapons, and deadly Air combos!

  • With some Mii cosmetics including Megaman and Cuphead!

Gaming Companies Rise to Fund Australia

Support Australia grows and game companies are pitching in!

Well, I might be lying a bit because in reality. It's a stadium look-a-like version.

  • Featuring bulletproof, two-way windows and a bunch of new cosmetics obtainable via packs.

  • Unranked style

  • A Fortnite Style Pass to earn rewards. If you own the season pass, you can get a slight discount on the pass including 20 skips. (I recommend doing it in casual, earn more points faster!)

That's pretty much some of the more important happenings. I've thrown a few towards the funding for my Australian Brethren. Let us know in the comments below or on our social media pages what you think! Anything wrong with the writing? Please let us know.

As always, thank you for reading.


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