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Fortnite Now A Black Hole, Maybe I Can Finally Get A Win.

Fortnite's Current State: A Black Hole

Meanwhile, in a publicity stunt that only Fortnite could pull off...

With the end of season 10, many expected something would happen after that epic cataclysmic event to begin the season. They weren't quite expecting this! The sky rained down small missile-like objects and lightning until finally, an asteroid crashed into the land of headshots and loot. Then, everything got quiet, too quiet. It's like nothing happened. For about 20 seconds it seemed like all was well until the sky lit up with what appears to be lightning sprawled out overhead followed by freaking laser beams that appear to coordinate to a position on the ground guiding a missile to plummet to the ground sending everybody flying backward into orbit to witness first hand the destruction of the birthplace of flossing. The sky opened up once again revealing a massive world-ending meteor bursting into flames as it enters the atmosphere. Trailed by a tail of smoke, the end of season 10 soars through the night sky surrounded by stars and possibly missiles until it meets its target sending you deeper into space until you can see the island in its grand entirety. To the horror of most and delight of others, the impact point causes a massive hole in the middle of the island sucking in stars, trees, a bus, everything within its range including you until there is nothingness. Darkness accompanied by music that sounds like it's coming from a music box until an ominous black hole appears on the screen.

What does this mean for the popular shooter? Obviously the world's most popular game isn't going anywhere unless Epic Games decided they weren't having fun printing money anymore. Epic Games’ status page says Fortnite is currently experiencing a minor service outage, noting “anomaly detected.”. Season 11 will be coming soon but when? As of this writing if you go to the Fortnite website you'll see a Twitch stream of the black hole. There has to be a new map now, right?

Personally, I'm stoked that everybody's gone as that makes me the winner by default. Finally.

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