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Google Stadia, The Competing Game Streaming Service is... unrealistic at best for many.

With Steam, Uplay and Origin to compete with, one would hope you would want to boost your reasons to switch to stadia with AT LEAST an impressive list of games.

Some quick back story first. Google Stadia is an alternative to consoles/computers. Where games are streamed similar to Netflix streaming shows. You continuously 'stream' games and you may already see the issues that arise. Reliable streaming and unlimited data are required and that is hoping, at best, your data service provider doesn't throttle you with the amount of data you use every second. Google Stadia is currently priced around £119/$150

But onto the games, an impressive collection one would hope. Ars Technica lists the current games available at launch and to list a few, these include.

- Assassin's Creed Odyssey

- Destiny 2: The Collection

- Mortal Kombat 11

- Red Dead Redemption 2

These are some of the more noticeable titles among the very scarce list the streaming platform has to offer at launch. Maybe it's good for those who do not have a computer or console.

So the question is... Would you buy it? Can you stream this? Let us know on our social media!

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