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Let's Talk About Google Stadia

Google Stadia (Image: GOOGLE)

Hoping to give video game console giants Microsoft (Xbox), Sony (PlayStation), and Nintendo (Switch) a run for their money (and yours), Google is launching their cloud based video game service this November and that's got a lot of people excited. I want to bounce some thoughts off you and see what you think.

Let's start with what is exciting, and what is exciting about Google's Stadia is innovation. I'm drawn to it because it's different, and dare I say, revolutionary. The same way I was drawn to the Wii because I had to get off the couch to play (my shoulder is still sore from Wii bowling 10 years ago). It fascinated me. I think of future possibilities - like when Xbox told me that I can now play video games with my friends without needing to be in the same room and do it over the internet. It intrigues me, like the first time I cracked open a case for a PlayStation game and saw a disc. A DISK?! Where do I blow on it if it doesn't work? The disk changed that game and we haven't looked back. Until maybe now with Stadia. The cloud based games will run at Google’s 7,500 data centers promising 4K resolution, HDR, surround sound and all at 60 frames per second. The hardware that will be running these games is impressive but the fact that it won't have to sit in your living room is even more impressive. The thing that gets me most excited about it is that fact that Google is promising seamless transitions between all of your devices. It will support Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, just about whatever you've got. You can start your game on the TV then pick up your iPad and keep going, which differentiates itself from current systems.

But is that enough? They need original content that I can't turn away from. They have their own gaming studio which we haven't seen much from and for Google to land the hardcore gamers to carry the system through launch, they need to make an offer of exclusive content that we can't refuse. If they can't do that, it's likely most people will just keep playing on what they've already invested time and money into. Not to mention and maybe most importantly, what all of our gaming friends are already playing on. They need to deliver or this will turn into another Nintendo VR novelty. They've got me hooked but they can't seem to reel me in. At least, not quite yet.

What do you think? How likely are you to drop $129 on the founders addition when it comes out?

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