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Ninja, Shroud, and all other Mixer content creators free to stream on Twitch as Mixer closes down.

Huge news out of Redmond, Washington today as Microsoft has announced that their streaming service, Mixer, will be closing it's doors on July 22, 2020. This means streaming giants Ninja and Shroud, who surprisingly made the jump from Twitch over to the growing Mixer almost a year ago, are now free to stream on Twitch or any other streaming platform.

It's not hard to see why Mixer lost the war against Twitch from a numbers stand point. Though users consumed twice as much content in 2019 as they did in 2018, they still only held a small amount of the streaming market share (3%) opposed to Amazon owned Twitch who lost 2% of their hold on the industry year over year but still help on to a whopping 73% of all live streaming content.

What does this mean for Mixer streamers and partners? While announcing the end of their stand alone streaming service, Microsoft also announced that they will be joining forces with Facebook!

How will this effect your streaming experience? Will a Facebook Gaming and Mixer team up be enough to end a Twitch dominance? Only time will tell!

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