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PS5 Costs, Siege Operators PTR and Halo Combat Evolved Tests

New VR Game Half Life: Alyx Release Date

Twelve years later, the new Half-Life game is announced as a Virtual Reality (VR) game

  • Expected to release on 23rd of March

PS5 $450 Per Unit

Bloomberg reports suggest that Sony is trying hard to keep costs down. Reportedly waits for Xbox to deliver their price tag before.

  • Sony is also experimenting with a new VR headset

New Siege Operators - The Running Man and AstronautMoving Hologram?

New Year, New Season kicks off with the running man and a controllable hologram?

  • Depicted in the trailer as being able to smash through walls with his hardened body. Various leaks have suggested they are likely a defender.

  • The other based on the trailer and leaks, possible a controllable hologram

  • The Testing servers now hosting the new siege operators (requires separate download)

Warcraft 3 is Still Taking Hits

With the release of Reforge, scoring one of the lowest Metacritic recorded user ratings of 0.5 (with the occasional dropped to 0.4)

  • More bugs, difficulty to see, crashing and lack of remastering improvements

  • Refunds are still being issued. Users suggest that you can get a refund despite play-time.

Get Ready - Combat Evolved Tests Begin

Popular Franchise Halo is beginning tests of Combat Evolved.

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