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Rockstar Games Wants To Give You Free GTA And A New Launcher!

Rockstar Games new game launcher

Don't have enough game launchers on your PC yet?? Rockstar has got you covered with their own launcher and they are going to give you a free copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas from a limited time for downloading it!

Before you ask, it WILL find your games currently on Steam and launch them no problem. As of now nothing has been said about Rockstar's relationship with Steam but with Grand Theft Auto V racking up over $6 billion dollars in revenue, it's safe to say that they may be thinking about investing some real money into this launcher about cutting out the PC middle man in projects moving forward to pocket more of the sweet sweet cash. As you can see, the GTA 5 you find in your Rockstar launcher does still take you to Steam but it will be interested to see what the future may hold on that front.

The current offering is pretty slim pickings with Red Dead Redemption 2 missing from the list but to get San Andreas for free and $9.99 for Vice City, it's worth downloading immediately.

Rockstar Games Launcher Store Page

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