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They Told You They'd Be Back - Terminator Makes His Debut in MK11

In news that makes me wish I wasn't hot garbage at fighting games, PlayStation has announced that the new Mortal Kombat will include Spawn, The Joker, and the Terminator T-800 as part of a downloadable roster pack. In addition to those three it was also announced that Shang Tsung is back as well as Nightwolf and Sindel. Seeing these old characters back in the fray takes me aback to when I was much better at Mortal Kombat, grade school. The story line in MK11 weaves through out different times allowing the player to fight against different versions of their favorite current characters as well as characters of old. Check out the full trailer below!

A Hell Spawn, a robot, and a clown all walk into a room...

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