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We're Playing GTFO (Early Access) - Ongoing Review

Not heard of this game yet? Here's our quick summary of the game.

Possible warning: this review contains mechanical (how it works) spoilers. Want to go in blind? Read the next line and nothing more. Good luck prisoner.

GTFO is a hardcore FPS game in which players will heavily rely on Stealth and when you realize you've f'ed up your stealth, oh boy I hope you can run or aim.

Stage 1 introduces you to the core mechanics (and major reasons to play):

Teamwork: Yes I am serious. If you don't work well together, you're wasting your time. Our first clear was with three people (not four as recommended) and I seriously tell you that we won solely because we are friends and communicated as a team well.

Strategy: Holding W at anything that you see is the WORST decision. You are limited in every way to play smart:

  • Ammo? Two COD style magazines on reserve... Good luck prisoner!

  • Enemies in droves that dwindle ammo counts? Oh yes!

  • Fog and complete darkness. Flashlight! Guess you want to bring attention to yourself!

  • Randomly Generated Loot Luck - Maybe you won't see an ammo box an entire run.

Every decision you make will have some kind of downside. Stealth and glowsticks will be your best way forward! So think, before you go in and think about how you want to get out. You never know when an alarm will trip and you haven't bunkered down.

Environmental Hazards: You'll think stage 1 is easy. Stage 2 and 3 though? That'll change your mind. More enemies, new enemies. No spoilers though!

Audio & Atmosphere detail: Changes based on the mood of areas and whether in combat and out of combat. Adds to your adrenaline rush.

Quick Tips

  • The scanner tool highlights many enemies and is your best friend and a great starter tool for your group to get good with!

  • Be diverse with your loadout. Though some tools stacked are way better than others!

  • Melee when possible. Coordinate melee synchronized attacks.

  • Plan before you go into another room and how you will hold it in case something goes wrong.


  • No Steam or Discord to play with others.

  • No in-game voice communication.

  • As mentioned, some gear just sucks. Useless compared to others.

Fixable issues you might notice:

  • Introduction cutscene is L O U D, turn down your volume settings. Save your ears!

Our score: T B D

But that's what we think. Take a look at the reviews.

We will update this page as we get further into the game. Check back

Check this game out at GTFO STEAM £26 / $35

Let us know in the comments below or on our social media pages what you think. Did you play the game already? What do you agree or disagree with? Anything wrong with the writing. Please let us know.

As always, thank you for reading.


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