Tyler Jennings


History of gaming

As far back as I can remember I've been playing video games. Whether it is playing my 64 that I still have hooked up with Pokemon stadium in it, or playing Madden with my father growing up. Its always been a great way to bond and connect with people. Even when I'm doing so bad I just wanna put my controller down I am always having fun. The thing I appreciate the most about gaming is the fact you can escape into them for hours and everything else in your life seem so far away


Goals for MBG

My goal with streaming is to provide people a sense of community and a source of humor. We all have a lot of stuff going on in our lives and sometimes it can seem super negative but, a lot of the times I felt that way growing up. I could  always turn to content creators who would make everything seem so much better. If I can make at least one person laugh then I'm doing what I love.

If you are reading this I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me a little more. I look forward to growing with MBG and growing the community. If you ever have any feedback or a game you want me to stream let me know. Thank you for being a wonderful person and have an amazing day.